PG MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame

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The Orb Union’s Morgenroete corporation built three Gundam Astray prototype mobile suits at Heliopolis; the MBF-P01 Astray Gold Frame, MBF-P02 Astray Red Frame, and MBF-P03 Astray Blue Frame were all used to base the five GAT-X series Gundams that they assisted the Earth Alliance’s Atlantic Federation in creating. They successfully copied the EA's beam rifle and saber technology, but Morgenroete did not have access to the Phase Shift armor design, and compensated for that by making the Gundam Astray units lighter and more agile than their EA counterparts. Unlike Gold Frame, Red Frame was fitted with only Orb hand plugs, and thus could not use Earth Alliance weapons.
Although that’s an inconvenience in the series, it lends itself to perhaps the coolest feature of this model: the sword! Reminiscent of a giant Katana, the sword is brought to life in this model with a metallic finish on the blade and tsuba, which gives the kit a really unique look, even when it’s toting the usual Gundam beam rifle and shield! Don’t let this beauty pass you by; it’s perfect for the model enthusiast with an eye for the flashy!
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Perfect Grade Gundam Astray Red Frame Video

  • After four years of secret development, the PG Gundam Astray Red Frame makes its big debut!
  • In keeping with the "Red Frame" designation, the movable frame around which the Perfect Grade series is designed is molded in red, with a completely articulated structure for exciting and flexible posing!
  • Shoulder units can extended outwards for expanded range of movement.
  • Elbows feature multi-joint construction which allows complex poses, such as drawing the sword.
  • Stomach unit features full articulation, including "hydraulic" cylinders.
  • Knee armor designed to move along with poses.
  • Calf frame extends and retracts.
  • Battery-powered light-emitting diode (LED) system can be switched on to illuminate the eyes.
  • The Red Frame's trademark weapon, the "Gerbera Straight" long sword, features separate blade, guard, and pommel construction just like a real sword!
  • Blade portion is chromed plastic for a realistic finish, and features engraving on the lower part of the blade.
  • Guard and pommel-end are gold chromed plastic with detailed sculpting.
  • Blade is designed so as to be fastened in the pommel with rivets.
  • The scabbard for the Gerbera Straight incorporates a newly designed suspension unit for connection to the body.
  • Additional accessories include a beam rifle with accurate internal detail; a shield with actual direct-view shutter feature; and two beam sabers.
  • Includes instruction manual, mechanical description, and an original comic drawn by artist Koichi Tokita.

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