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October 2024 ETAExclusive Edition

PG MBF-P02KAI Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai

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Superb design and looks amazing but Tactical Arms backpack is very fragile My first PG and it was a blast building this and then posing this. My only issue with this is the Ta ...


amazing build first pg kit. took 4 8 hour days to build but it was worth every second and it was a fun process. ex ...


FINALLY! I have been waiting for this kit to come back in stock. The Astray Red Frame was what got into Gunpl ...

The PG Red Frame was ripe for P-Bandai variants from the second it came out, but surprisingly there's only been one--until now! Thankfully this kit is being made available through North American distribution as well!

This release maintains the same stellar construction as the original PG Astray Red Frame, but it features an additional sword and the massive Tactical Arms II L! An Action Base 1 is also included to support the Tactical Arms in its various modes, because this thing will be BIG upon completion--we're talking almost 20 inches long in sword form! The Tactical Arms can also assume Delta Form, Arrow Form, Flight Form, and Work Form so you have plenty of posing options upon completion. Water decals are also included for this release, and an LED is included to illuminate the camera eye! This is the ultimate form of the Astray Red Frame Kai, so don't miss out on this limited offering!

**This item is a P-Bandai Web Shop Exclusive; there is no guarantee it will be reissued once it sells out!**


Gundam Series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

Grade/Scale PG

Edition Exclusive Edition

Character Video Character Video

Condition This is a model kit and requires assembly.

PG MBF-P02KAI Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai
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The Gundam Astray Red Frame appears again in the Perfect Grade series, sporting its Tactical Arms II L accessory! An upgraded version, the Tactical Arms backpack can convert into multiple forms including neutral V-Form, Sword Form, Arrow Form, Delta Form, and Work Form! In keeping with the "Red Frame" designation, the movable frame around which the Perfect Grade series is designed is molded in red, with a completely articulated structure for exciting and flexible posing. Shoulder units can extend outward for expanded range of movement. Elbows feature multi-joint construction, allowing complex poses such as drawing the sword. Stomach unit features full articulation, including "hydraulic" cylinders. Knee armor designed to move along with poses. Calf frame extends and retracts. Battery-powered light-emitting diode (LED) system can be switched on to illuminate the eyes. The Red Frame Kai's other signature weapons, the "Gerbera Straight" and "Tiger Pierce" swords, feature separate blade, guard, and pommel construction just like real swords. Blade portion is chromed plastic for a realistic finish, and features engraving on the lower part of the blade. Guard and pommel-end are gold chromed plastic with detailed sculpting. Blade is designed so as to be fastened in the pommel with rivets. Additional accessories include detachable beam torch and Action Base for displaying the Tactical Arms IIL in its various forms. Includes instruction manual and water slides. CR1220 battery for LED sold separately.


Plastic nipper
Panel liner
Finishing: Top Coat/Super Clear


You don’t need cement.
You don’t need paint.
Recommended for 15 years & up
PG Astray Gundam Red Frame Kai Description