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RG MSN-04 Sazabi

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Stunning Forget having no girlfriend during Valentine's this bad boy got me through it. My first RG and ...


People aren't lying, it really is among the best The RG Sazabi is incredible, no lie. I've been doing models for a few years, but this was my fi ...


UC 0093. The True Anime Movie called Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counterattack 1988.

A lot of people who shop in our warehouse confuse the built MG Sazabi Ver.Ka for a PG kit; we have a feeling the same thing will happen with people mistaking this for an MG! The massive Sazabi is joining the RG line, and it's definitely going to be the most impressive entry in the series! It comes with the beam rifle, shield, beam axe, and 7 interchangeable hands so you'll have plenty of posing options upon completion! The entire suit is outfitted with a myriad of articulation gimmicks as well to ensure that this kit will be one of the most dynamic 1/144 pieces in your collection!


Gundam Series Char's Counterattack

Grade/Scale RG

Character Video Character Video

Condition This is a model kit and requires assembly.

RG MSN-04 Sazabi
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Sazabi, one of the most iconic custom made mobile suits of the Red Comet, Char Aznable, comes alive in the 1/144 Real Grade format! From the feature film "Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack" this large red mobile suit features complex detail as well as gimmicks that allow it to perform a wide variety of dynamic poses. Special attention has been made to ensure both surface detail and also functional detail not seen before in previous interpretations of the Sazabi including pop out and deployment mechanisms are included. Numerous moving parts are present including funnels with opening fins, a head that can open to reveal the cockpit, muzzle recoil action on the beam shot rifle, pistons that move in conjunction with other parts and open maintenance hatches. Includes 6 pairs of hands and one right handed trigger hand for a variety of display options. The Sazabi's large shield, funnels, beam shot rifle, beam sabers, and beam tomahawk are all included! Runner x 17, realistic decal, instruction manual.


Plastic nipper
Panel liner
Finishing: Top Coat/Super Clear


You don’t need cement.
You don’t need paint.
Recommended for 15 years & up

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