RG XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero Custom

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Bandai has announced the RG Wing Gundam Zero Custom in a release that is sure to be nothing short of amazing! Featuring individually articulated feathers at the ends of the wings, shoulder cannons with gimmicks for deployment, and the iconic twin buster rifle, this will be the most detailed Wing Zero kit ever. Make sure to preorder yours now for the perfect tree topper!

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RG Seraphim Feather Parts for Wing Gundam Zero Custom

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  • "Wing Gundam Zero EW" as Real Grade featuring detail is reproduced through the utilization of actual techniques, an investigation of the settings, and a new interpretation of the properties of the machine.
  • The structure of the main wing is based on material technologies used in real aircraft.
  • Considering the heat-resistance and machine protection during atmosphere entry, the armored structure for the interior of the wings is designed using a pinnate mold.
  • The main wing section utilizes cutting-edge aircraft and combat aircraft technology and is designed to have a movable structure. Closely resembling a bird's wings, each section of the curved "flexible wings" is capable of moving in 3-dimensions.
  • The "Zero Frame", which can move by itself, is designed through consideration of the internal structure of the latest autonomous robots.
  • The utilization of new Advanced MS Joints permits human-like movements.
  • The Twin Buster Rifle Combination Mechanism can be reproduced.
  • Runner x9, Realistic decal x1, Instruction manual x1

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