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1/12 Sand House - Shikura

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From the original title [Suna no Ie], the older sister, Tokisakura, appears!

She's a sloppy person who tries to solve everything with her fists, but when she fights with her sister, she pulverizes the enemy with the Kitetsu in her hands, which is bigger than her huge breasts! The chest parts are made of silicone material to give you a squishy feel. The fully movable eyeball gimmick allows you to freely move both eyes, and by combining it with face parts, you can express rich expressions.

*The face parts for Shyness do not have movable eyeballs.

Comes with a giant punching glove Kitetsu that moves each of its five fingers, allowing you to add your own expression. Blast flame clear effect parts and fireball clear effect parts are made of fluorescent material, and will glow when exposed to black light. Various scenes can be reproduced by combining effect parts and stands as you like. The sand-colored diorama pedestal can be disassembled into multiple small stone blocks.

Illustrated by Ichie

・Figure body x 1
・Face parts x 3 (Fully movable eyeball specification - smile / laugh; normal specification - shyness, including parts attached to the main body)
・Mini tool for changing line of sight × 1
・Punching glove [Kitetsu] x 2 (five fingers fully movable)
・Kitetsu Replacement hand parts x 2 (fist)
・Fireball clear effect parts x 1
・Support x 5 (support for main body x 1, support for stone diorama parts x 4)
・Strut extension part for main unit x 1
・Clip x 1
・Sand-colored diorama pedestal x 1
・Stone diorama x 4

Brand Snail Shell

Grade/Scale 1/12

Series Original Character

Age Restriction R18

Condition This is a pre-assembled figure. No assembly required.

1/12 Sand House - Shikura
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