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Turn A Gundam

The year is Correct Century 2345. The civilization of Earth is at about the level it was during World War I. Long ago, humanity traveled through space, but the people of Earth have long forgotten about that. However, an advanced civilization still exists in cities on the moon, and now this Moonrace, in desperate need of resources, sets its sights back on its home planet. Three Moonrace teenagers, Loran Cehack, Keith Laijie, and Fran Doll, are sent to make sure that a return is even feasible, and are followed two years later by the invading Dianna Counter forces. Now, five thousand years after humanity first traveled into space, a new war is brewing between the Earthlings defending their homes, the Moonrace looking to settle on Earth, and other members of the Moonrace who believe a return to Earth may revive a nightmare from humanity's forgotten past.

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  1. Preorder: No, In stock
    A large Turn A Gundam logo display! Place it by itself or with your Turn A Gundam figures! (learn more)
  2. Preorder: No, In stock
    As part of the All Gundam Project, Bandai has finally unveiled the HG Turn A Gundam! The suit's unique design will be perfectly recreated using the en... (learn more)
  3. Preorder: No, In stock
    Turn A Gundam is the 100th Master Grade model of Bandai Gunpla series. This kit commemorates the rather strange and under-appreciated design of the Gu... (learn more)

3 Items

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GUIDE for Beginners

Lvl 1 : Try a couple of our Level 1 model kits. No tools are required. These "touch gate" snap-fit models are perfect for starters.

Lvl 2 : Next try HG models. High Grades have a lot of play value upon completion, but don't forget you'll need basic tools!

Lvl 3 : To continue building more models, you can build a collection of tools to make the process smoother and easier.

Lvl 4 : Once the kit is built, you can make it look better with a variety of methods like panel lining, top coating, and applying decals!

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2021. - I like SD Gundam World Heroes from 3 years ago...